by Grime Kings

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released March 31, 2014

all tracks written and performed by callum runciman



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Grime Kings Ontario

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Track Name: Stammering
you might trip 2 miles or just across the street. stammering in a parking lot. blinking at a red light, stalling at a green one. stammering.
you might trip 2 miles or just across the street. stammering. stuttering in a driveway. stammering.
you will end up alone, you will end up aware that you cannot find peace, just the chance for release, and that this is the trick and the drive is the treat.
Track Name: One Of Us Is Lonely
this head rests on my chest. this hip is in my palm. these lips are pressed on mine from midnight until dawn.
i move before i think. it's false before its said. im conscious only for a moment somewhere between the action and the dread.
too the one i'll miss when summers through. who'll wither before shes let to bloom.
and later grows this drip of paint, a ripple in a pool of water taints what should be as harmless as 2 lips pressed on the forehead of a friend who kissed a wound and made it mend
who took your hand and stopped the shake, well it rattles now with every wake, without my reach so near to you. my will is yours, my only joy- the one i'll miss when autumn's new.
one of us is lonely but i wont say who it is behind a line of gibberish that only reads to fizz
to be recounted later on with sullen face and makeup on, like something sweeter once its gone, the voice that reads the rhyme is his.
Track Name: At Home With You
was at the bottom of my plate down louisiana way, i thought it mighta been the heat or just the salt inside my veins
but i got anxious as is possible, a corkscrew for a spine
i spilled my bloody mary, i was saying "no, im fine. i think i just gotta get some air." but the time has made it clear, you see it wasnt just in new orleans i fear.
i'd been away from you too long my love, as is often true.
and i couldnt feel at ease til i was back at home with you
to dwell on the sum of a wrinkling smile
and wet shimmering eyes last time we said goodbye
what that can do to you
what that'll do to you
not as cold as their attention
not as bold as their questions
not as blurred as their direction
not as slurred as their confessions
well are they almost done?
you're trying to catch a cab cos you didnt like my plan
so you'll get an even tan on your perfect back and legs
you're at home visiting for valentines, but leaving in the morning
flying to st. lucia, you'll send photos from the boeing you say
and i know you've gotta go, but i really wish you'd stay
or else miss your aeroplane- but i wont make you spoil your trip
Track Name: Doom
with a bobby pin that fell from her head, she did me in. between 2 floorboards underneath my bed. with a bobby pin that fell from her hair she did me in, between to floorboards at the top of the stairs.
by the skin of my teeth, by the lace of my boot. this is how i get through, taste the forbidden fruit.
by the skin of my teeth, by the nape of my neck. has it got to you yet? doom.
she flew in through my window, i watched cold footprints swell and fade. she sat at the foot of my bed, well you know i'd never prayed until then. i was afraid. i watched her kneel. she spoke in the clack of heels,
and in my lap she kissed my fears.
the song had changed but still it sang the same. aint that a shame? the melody's engrained.
a wild pack of lost boys was found inside the harbour club. they'd hung their paintings on the walls, dragged heels up and down the halls.
and when at last the light was thin they threw the television in. and our lost boy took it on the chin; the guilt in what their game had been.
Track Name: Looked Like Rain But Never Came
my love for you changes from day to day. it swells and sighs with the fall and rise of the breast it makes its home. it sings and chimes, stringing rhymes until a feeling is a poem.
leave her in your open palm don't fix a fist to keep her.
your seashell skin and floral smells are alive while you're away. and on your pillow like a spider-web, your hair a bed of hay. my loving is dressed and undressed by the visions of an absent mind fluttering from eye to eye.
but not disturbing rest.
it looked like rain but never came.
Track Name: Out On The Glass
My baby's in black, my baby's dressed to attack
but she don't need no weapon cos she'll stop you in your tracks
and all she's gotta do is softly bat her eyes
you'll be out of breath with sighs, you're gonna be wondering why
you got out of bed at all
when she's bound to make you fall back in
and back in love with her again
out on the glass, silently scraping the surface
more grey than blue, a dull drone pierced the birches
and it skipped across the water like a stone
to bring me to the place it had been thrown
it echoed through the trail
its song becoming clear
the hum revealed a scale and the more that i could hear
the more i was assured, that the call that pinched my ear
was the blaring of a horn that was played to bring me near
Track Name: Stapled
Picking at the half moons of his fingernails
always such a mess and soothing freshly found bruising
as you might expect
he'd learn not to regret
in his bed he racks his foolish head, here again
drags a thumb along the gauze and tape, stapled
as you might expect
he'd learn not to regret
Track Name: Honeymooning
my sun and my moon and oh darling my honey just soothe me
tapping on the eaves trough, pounding on the porch
if it were a week ago im certain i'd be halfway to your door
when i get there in my brain, i look at you just the same as our
first evening in the rain but i dont expect i'll see that face again
storming awful hard out from what my groggy mind can muster
i figure lightning and the thunder must've woke me from my slumber
taken me from your sunfire and left me feeling sombre now im
writing by the open window, listening with the fleas to the...
Track Name: Perfume
i could not get a hold on you
my eyes could trail around the room
what do i remember? a perfume
i could not make my words come out
or else i said too much,
or else somebody took my place
i was the smoke curled on your shoulder
a perfume
what do i remember? a perfume
i could not get your name out of my mind
you made a line, you need a man
you are underneath my clothes
a perfume
to be at ease, to breathe in deep
to be the want, to lose the haunt
i check my pockets everyday
for this crumpled piece of paper
take note of what i've done to change
of when i feel insane
lying on the floor for half an hour
snuck up and knocked me on the brain
it's been a year and something more
the globe has found its starting line
and everything remained
all has stayed the same
Track Name: Summer
i put away a cough underneath my mattress and found
drawn on with sharpie, three names i dont remember
the date says it was june, when the heat was here to choke me
with clenched fists made of sunstroke or an albatross of stone
but when the nighttime came in the dark i DID remember
before a pale december and the idleness of winter
before our drunken mornings in the blink that was november
before my halloween and before a failed september
i used to have a vision and i saw it from my bedroom
with my head against the window i could come to a decision
across the street the screendoor slammed and the ambulance
and policier were directing questions at a shoeless man
who removed his cap and scratched his scalp
and teetered from this side to that, but in the end could not
recall for either one just what he'd seen or where his adidas might be
to slip to sleep but never fall under the arc of a ball
one year is lost among 18 whether folded in the sheets
or in the creases of a beat
puckering the seams
Track Name: Every Golden Future
one year since the seal got broke, and all the girls are in a row- on the 13th floor, crosslegged sat by the window.
look at the mess thats at their feet. their luck ran out in time for tea... and even in the heat, i dont polish what i dont unclean.
one year since the seal got broke, i stay at home and just as bored. on the 2nd floor, crosslegged sat by the window
look at the mess thats on the street. the shit is counted stories deep- the only thing that keeps... this groove is older than the beat.
when i look into my future, when im lying on the deck, the sky is orange- feel it kiss me on the neck
i see myself alone with you; your incense and your candles- your photographs from brochures, your gladiator sandles.
was it not enough for you? to let it be romanced? to disassemble what we were? to pull me from our trance?
i feel it ripple across my being. i do not like to see you badly. you float around in circles and i floated with you gladly.